A link, user, and password to the "Battery Resurrection® Guide™ Pro version" - online step by step fully illustrated guide that is easy to follow. You will need a volt meter, battery, and a couple household items.  No hardware is included. - Being online enables you to get updates immediately - for example - DustBuster Battery Repair was added 2009. You Get Unlimited Access.

EXTRAS Included Free (only in the PRO Version):
  • How to use a digital voltmeter to find correct polarity - There is a link in the guide to buy a digital volt meter for as little as $1.99+.
  • Help Section - Very important - Collected over 4 years - solutions to previous user's problems to make you successful.
  • Defective Cell Section - Learn when a battery can't be saved and the various issues you'll face when the factory screws up.
  • Cell Replacement Guide - For those that like to tinker with the 2% of batteries what don't respond - learn where to get replacement cells for FREE, where to buy new cells with tabs, and how to replace the cells - step by step with large clear pictures.
  • Security Screws - Some batteries have them - learn where to get the special tools and also how to remove them without special tools
  • Tools With Internal Batteries - See how tools with non-replaceable batteries can be Resurrected
  • Email Help - At the option of the author - get personal email assistance


Delivery is by email. An email with access info is sent automatically right after you make an electronic payment. Also, I send an email manually when I receive payment notification. If you do not receive the emails - don't assume it was not sent - check your spam folder. Allow up to 4 hours to receive the email then send a message to (ebay at uniquedynamics.com). Paying by Check or Money Order will get you an email with the link and password when payment is received.
Based upon the number of "Guides" sold and the number of people that told me they were not successful - the Success Rate Is Impressive at about 98%
** Initial battery condition will determine how long Resurrection lasts!
Due to past abuses, the guarantee has been terminated. The process works on virtually all NiCad batteries as you can see by the testimonials. Like software, once you open it you can't take it back for obvious reasons. No refunds. If you happen to be the 1 out of 50 whose battery has a factory defect then at least you will be able to use the Resurrection information with future failed NiCad batteries or to help a friend.
Email help is included at the discretion of Unique Dynamics, Inc.

The Battery Resurrection® Guide™ PRO Version - Step by Step with large clear pictures showing you exactly how Resurrection® is done!

For NiCD Batteries Only - Not for NiMH or Li-ion

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