Craftsman Dewalt VersaPak B&D Mikita Ryobi Panasonic Firestorm
New Life for NiCad Rechargeable Batteries that Won't Hold a Charge!
Hello Rick; I must confess, I was more than a little apprehensive, when I placed my order. But I tried it, and damn, it worked. To really put it to the test, I tried it on two batteries that had been useless for more than two years. I then assembled a metal building containing over 500 screws, using them. I am a believer. Thanks for bringing me back to my cordless tools. Charlie D.
Good Job. Fixed 7 batteries the first night. Thanks, Bobby S.
I was able to resurrect 4 out of 4 Ryobi 18v batteries that would have cost over $60 each. Thanks for the informative process that worked right the first time! Bill M.
OUTSTANDING!!!! I was skeptical, but too many satisfied testimonials not to give it a try. One Expensive Cordless Shaver Fixed!!! One B&D Power Drill Battery Fixed!!!! Two different Cordless phone batteries fixed!!!!! I have only one complaint with you and your procedure......WHY DIDN'T YOU GET ME THIS INFO SOONER!!!! All of the money I could have saved and all of the toxic cadmium I didn't have to feel guilty about if I had your incredible
procedure sooner. THANKS!!!! Lee T.
Rick, I managed to save three of four of my Craftsman 18v batteries. Two with just "Easy Resurrection" and one using 3 step. Tim M.
Thank you so much, I thought I was going to loose all of my cordless tools, but this works great. I have them all working again thanks to you. Judy N.
Rick, My old Craftsman 12 volt drill charger said I had a ‘defective battery-replace battery” when I would try and charge it. I searched the internet for replacement battery packs and found your Battery Resurrection page. I must admit I was a bit skeptical but figured all I had to lose was $12.95 and a little of my time. I didn’t lose either!! I went from 0.0 volts to 13.56 volts using your method... I used the easy resurrection method and boy was it easy! Thanks for saving me some serious cash with your easy to use method. I would have had to replace the drill and battery pack since Craftsman doesn’t make the battery anymore. Keep up the good work! Best, Craig T., Ph.D.
Hey, i just want to thank you for this easy to follow program ;} it saved me aready 100s of bucks doing all my solar lights and all my battery saws and drills ;} thanks again, Bob V.
OK this is amazing!! I've just saved about $150 and counting. I had a dead B&D battery, I mean DEAD. 0 volts. The charger would only flash telling me that it was no good. I then used your method and it's like new again! Now I'm mad that the companies that make the chargers don't include a button that would automatically regenerate the battery when it gets bad. I guess they would just sell fewer batteries. Anyway, thanks a lot. I'm usually suspicious of offers like yours, but yours really works. Dan B.
This was the best purchase I ever made on Ebay. I used both the "Regular Fix" and the "Quick Fix". Dr. Don M.
I just finished resurrecting a Milwaukee 14.4volt NiCad. This battery was stone cold dead. It registered NO voltage and wouldn't take a charge. For any one that doesn't believe, they don't know what they're missing out on. I wish that I'd have known about this when I threw out my 9.7 Makita drill and 4 dead batteries. Thanks again, Bob S.
I've successfully resurrected two 14.4 volt cordless drill batteries, a 7.2 volt cordless drill battery and several Versapak batteries using the easy resurrection method. It is simply amazing when the meter shows life in them again. I've not opened up any to resurrect specific cells yet because I haven't needed to. Thanks for the knowledge to allow me to do this, Rick! Alan B.
Richard, I received the info today and have already used it and it worked as promised. This information has already saved me about $115.00 as I have resurrected 2 batteries today. Thanks, Billy S.
By the way, IT WORKS, as if you didn’t know. I have a Senco battery powered finish nail gun. I also had five 12 volt battery packs that were useless, would not generate enough power to drive a nail, and at about $75.00 each, well, you do the math. I tried the Easy Resurrection method. In less than 15 minutes (including time to print and read the “Easy Resurrection” method,... and do the “resurrection”), ALL FIVE BATTERIES WERE DRIVING NAILS AND THAT WAS BEFORE I CHARGED THEM. What a pleasure to buy something and have it work as claimed, if not better. Steven L.
My old versapak had not been used in a couple of years. They would not hold a charge. I used the battery Resurrection on them and they came back to life. I wish I hadn't thrown most of them away. Monte B.
I just wanted to let you know Richard that I used... to resurrect my Ryobi battery. Low and behold, my Ryobi battery went from 2.2 to 17.4. Wow, thanks to you and your method I saved myself about $40 to $60 dollars, and that's only on one battery. Thanks again, Kathy R.
Hi Rick , I just finished my first series of various battery resurrections and I have to say that I am impressed. It really does work. I was just as skeptical as everyone else, but I'll be darned it works. This process revived a variety of dead tools I had lying around but could not bring myself to throw out. The best one being my Snap on 9.6V cordless impact gun that has not been used for over 5+ years. Even the 15V Craftsman drill that I never did like works just like new. I even put these tools to the test and gave them a workout. All performed great.
Batteries I resurrected on first attempt:
2- Snap On 9.6 V
2- DeWalt 12 V
2- Craftsman 15 V
Thats a lot of money saved. Thanks, Pete W.
G'day Richard, Thanks for the 'battery resurrection' info. Worked brilliantly on two 14.4v Black and Deckers. I was a little sceptical at first, but now I'm a believer. Cheers, Dave J.
I have had this battery rejuvination guide for about an hour and I have repaired a 3.6 volt telephone battery and a 12 volt craftsman cordless drill battery. It works great. Thanks, Dave H.
Hi Rick,All i can say is freaking Awesome!! I have saved over 25 batteries over the years to do something with them. I have resurrected 24 of them and there all working awesome, I also saved the old tools they go to. The one thing I did was to think out side the box? I started a part time business from this system. I placed an ad to buy dead batteries. I recondition and rebuild them to resell. Starting to make some good money now. I take all the batteries and go through the 3 step process so I know they will last. I've been doing auto repair for over 30 years
now and this brings in some side income. Thanks again for this totally perfect system. Marty M.
PS.It's only been 2 days since I bought your info product and I already made over $180.00 profit from fixing battries for a couple of friends.
Hi, Just wanted to say thanks. I used your instructions today on 11 batteries, and now they all work like new! I can once again use tools that have been sitting on a shelf for years. great deal. Thanks again. James M.
OK, just had a chance to use the process.... This is amazing, I have to admit I was a bit concerned about this process, but I just made a totally worthless battery into one that performs better than when it was new...
I am very impressed! Greg W.
I have restored one rigid and two dewalt drill battery packs successfully. Ed J.
This is the most amazing tool a person can get. I had two dead batteries RYOBI and was getting ready to throw them away. I received my information and in about 30 minutes i had them both in the chargers. They are both working and charging. Thanks David B.
I was amazed how well this worked. I had a "really" dead 18 volt DeWalt that the quick restore renewed on the first attempt. I needed (wanted) some new technology. Thanks for the info. It was definitely worth the $12.95 on the first battery renewal and will no doubt keep on saving. Ken M.
Amazing! That's all I can say. I've been throwing out batteries for years and could have resurrected them, as easy as 1-2-3! Thanks! John G.
Well, I was skeptical, but it works. I have a dewalt 14.4 volt trim saw that I have been trying to charge the battery, but it wouldn't take a charge. After Resurrecting, it works again. And note, it has been dead for about 4 years... Gary W.
Wow! My batteries came back to life! Saved me! Thank you so much! Adrian R.
I purchased your battery rresurrection... awhile back and tried it yesterday on a 14.4 volt Sears Ni-Cad that would not take a charge. The charger showed it was fully charged, but it was almost dead. Did the Resurrection and it worked perfect. Thanks. Buch H.
First of all, Thank you for $aving me $$$$. I was about to return my rechargeable VersaPak batteries to Sears to be recycled. I was also going to purchase new ones. I was searching online for the least expensive replacements and came across your site. I know you probably get this alot, but "I was sckeptical". I read through the testimonials yesterday, purchased the package last night and followed the steps. Like you said, it is easy. Best $... I ever spent! My 3.6volt VersaPak batteries were reading low. The 1st battery was reading 1.24v and the 2nd 0.00v. After the procedure I tested the Voltage......honestly I forgot which battery was the one reading 0.00, both registered 3.83v and 3.85v.
My Pops has lots of old cordless power tools that he has purchased over the years. He has that many because replacement batteries were not easy to find. Purchasing new ones was easier. I can't wait to get my hands on those batteries! Thank you, Once Skeptic Consumer, Fausto P. Jr.
Rick, Have resurrected 2-Versapac batteries and a 7.2 V battery for a RYOBI drill that is no longer made, I feel that using your program will make it possible for me to rebuild this battery pack when it no longer responds to resurrection procedures.The instructions are fabulously clear and easy to follow. Scott R.
Hi Rick, I must admit I was doubtful , but no more. I restored 9v,14.4v & 18v dewalt batteries. All done the easy way without a hitch. Great site you have. Regards, Stew J.
Hi rich, recived the battery resurrection guide pro ver. from you yesterday, and i have tried it on severial old batterys. and it works great . i'll save a fortune just doing my batterys not even to mention some of my friends . glad i didn't hesitate to order .thanks so much . Joe C.
I had been searching the web for replacement NiCad cells to replace the batteries that no longer worked in my DeWalt 18 volt battery tools. I then found your website and the descriptive claim and testimonials from people who have tried your resurrection technique. The cost of new batteries versus your technique seemed too good to pass up. After purchasing your technique, I was able to resurrect both of my spent DeWalt 18 volt battery packs. I then remembered I had an old 12 volt Ryobi drill that no longer worked. I was able to bring them back to life also. Now I am going around the house and looking for other NiCad batteries to resurrect that my wife or I had set aside because they no longer held a charge. Your technique has saved me a lot of money on replacing batteries that I would have thrown away at some time. Thank you. Your technique is well worth the money. Dave G.
Your resurrection procedure worked great and saved us a considerable amount of time and money. The resurrected battery is a 15.6V, Ni-Cad, battery for a cordless craftsman drill. Before resurrection, it was at two volts and would not charge. After resurrection the voltage went to 17V and the battery charged and held charge.
Sincerely, Emmanuel H., P.Eng Professional Electrical Engineer.
You gave me my screwdriver back! I have a Black & Decker 9078 screwdriver that would not hold a charge. Overnight charging only took the battery to 1.25 volts (full is 3.6) and two days after charging, it was completely dead again. When "fully charged", the bit spun so slow, you could grab it with your fingers and stop it. I did the simple battery resurrection... and then charged it overnight. It is now back to being as powerful as when I bought it and you can't grab the bit while it's spinning; it's too strong. Thanks! Greg L.
I had an old 9 volt dewalt rechargable drill with two batteries that would not hold a charge. I did the easy resurrection on both batteries that initally only held 1-2 volts and after the resurrection both batteries hold a charge at 9+ volts. I can now use the drill for long periods of time which I was unable to do before I quit using the drill because it was useless because the batteries would not hold a charge. Thanks for giving me back my 9 volt cordless drill. Chanucey F.
WOW!!! I had two (2) 12 volt Wagner Drill/Driver battery's that would no longer charge, after little use over a 2 years period. I received a new charger unit from Wagner (a product recall), but the battery's still would not charge. I searched in vain for replacement battery's in both Canada and USA. With little hope of success, I continued to search the Internet and THERE WAS MY ANSWER...."Unique Dynamics, Inc."...and the "Battery Resurrection" offer. I purchased "Battery Resurrection", followed the beautiful step-by-step (illustrated) instructions, and VOILA! I now have two (2) 12 volt battery's that charge AND hold a charge for $ 12.95 US. In a word , an "AWESOME" product that "keeps on giving"...I will "resurrect" MANY more Ni Cad battery's in the days ahead! Thank you! Thank you! Sincerely Dave S.
Your material on Battery Resurection was spot on. I had two Dewalt 18 volt batteries that were loosing their ability to hold a charge and their run time was also decreasing. I signed up to receive your information and both batteries came back to their full potential in just a matter of a few seconds. I am very well satisfied. Terry L.
Hello Rick, I just wanted to give you some feedback on your battery resurrection process. Plain and simple, it works…..and works great! I’ve resurrected two older Craftsman 14.4v Professional batteries as well as a Craftsman 9.6v, two Skil saw Versapaks & an incredibly old Craftsman 7.2v. I can’t wait to go through the boxes in the basement to find the older wireless phones and screwdrivers I have written off as useless, but never threw out yet (boy I’m glad I didn’t now!). This is the most value I’ve gotten for under $15 in quite some time. Thank you, Kevin C.
I was a bit skeptical when I purchased the "Resurrection method" from you, but have become a believer in this process. I cannot believe the number of NiCd batteries that I have "recycled" and replaced with new and the amount of money I've spent in doing so. My first trial was on a craftsman battery that I have owned for many years and thought it to be gone. I used the easy resurrection method... and whoa baby I'm using it again!!! My second attempt was with my 18 volt batteries (2) that would not take a charge at all. After the quick..., voila, working batteries again!!! I wish I'd purchased this years ago!!! David C.
Hi Richard, I got the first emails and have tried my first resurrection. Have an older 16.5v craftsman battery that has been bad for at least 3 years. After the one step... it is on the charger with a red charging light (yellow with flashing red had indicated defective battery prior)! Looks like it works. Thx, Terry G.
My 18v Dewalt drill would no longer hold a charge, so I tried the battery resurrection. Wow...worked 1st time. Battery was registering about 7v before and 18v after using the quick method. Bruce M.
I was very skeptical of your resurrection guide at first, but I decided to buy it anyways. So my first attempt was very successful with my Ryobi 14.4 volt battery packs, then I moved on to my dewalt 18 v xrp battery packs and now I’m totally sold on your guide. I have saved a lot of money and gotten a lot more life from my batteries thanks to you. Well worth the money and I found your step by step procedure very easy to follow and replicate in my own workshop. Ramon C.
Rick, we are having all kinds of success reviving battery packs (12v & 18v) We are also helping revive the AA & AAA rechargeable batteries our kids use in their MP3 players too. We had our doubts at first, but we are now having genuine success that our friends and family are even telling everyone about our new services. Derek F.
Rick, I dug out an old Makita 9.6 volt battery that had not worked for a long long time, but I could not bare to just throw the drill and everything away. I... and sure enough it came back to life and took a charge. Now my old Makita drill will work as well. I am very glad I came across your procedure. You could double your price and it would still be a bargain.Thanks again, Steve B.
Rick, I was skeptical at first,but for $12.95 I was willing to give it a try. I... have already resurrected two 18 volt Ryobi batteries and two 14 volt Craftsman batteries. It's the best cordless investment yet! Thanks, Rick E.
Rick , I feel like I have assented to Haven, it worked for me and fast. My battery is a delta, it is not made any more, that is why this was like a miracle. One of the straps had come lose ,all I had to do was reconnect the strap and it is charging right now . Thanks again for being patient with me. This was the best 12.95 I ever spent, I will tell the world. Michael C. Sr.
I hope you are still out there. I can't tell you how many times I've used the battery resurrection technique for my rechargables that I purchased back in Nov 2006. I've only had one battery that didn't respond. It was an old 9.6V that was pretty useless anyway, so no big loss. As for all of the rest, 14.4 and up I'm batting 1000! The purchase price has saved me ten times over.... minimum! Thanks again, Ken M.
I had cordless tools worth about $500.00 that I had not used for a couple of years because the batteries had gone bad and replacing them was just too expensive. After resurrecting them with your Battery Resurrection Guide, at a small fraction of the cost of replacing them, I was able to use my cordless tools again. Thanks, Rick .Armando C.
Went from 7 good batteries to 16. The worst ones are still good enough for flashlights. Glad I kept all the "bad" ones... Thanks so much! Lanny T.
I restored a badly abused Bosch 18 volt circular saw battery. The last time I used it a year or so ago it was hard to get it to even take a charge. My charger would give a few beeps and then the red light would come on meaning it was either too hot or no good, when it would take a charge it didn't have much run time on the saw. I thought I would need the three step method on this one, but the easy method worked. Thanks, Tim C.
I am writing this testimonial to let you know that I followed your manual and my TWO useless Metabo batteries are now as good as new. I resurrected them about 3 days ago and they are still holding their full charge. I have saved about $160 AUD. I am very, very happy. Many thanks Wil C.
Hi Rick; Well there is an old saying " GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE ". So here goes my credit for your product. My son-in-law gave me a dewalt combo set with Hammer drill, Circular saw, Saw-saw and a flexible light. Also 4 18v batteries that would charge, but only one held some charge. With your battery ressurrection program and PICTURES i now have 3 batteries that take a charge!! 1 battery = 20.2 charge, 1 battery = 18.97 charge and the 3rd with a 18.94... I can go on ebay and get 2 battery for $121.00 including shipping. But since i'm retired and on a limited income i purchased BATTERY RESURRECTION for $12.95. I did not finish high school am 65yrs old and if i can take 4 batteries and have 3 good ones, so can anyone else. All you need is COMMON SENSE!!!. But the pictures really helped me out a lot too. $121.00 - $12.95 = $108.05 i saved. John W.
Hello Rick, I was able to resurrect a 19.2 volt craftsman battery and a 9.6 volt snap-on Thanks for the help. Cary A.
Hi Rick, Your resurrection system worked great. My Son gave me a drill with batteries that had not been used for about 10 years , and sears doesn`t stock the batteries any longer. I put them in the charger for about 6 hours one came up to 6 volts the other one 1 1/2 volts, after resurrection both came up to over 16 volts , I put them in the charger and in a few minutes the green light came on. I have checked the voltage every day since and after using the drill the voltage still reads over 14.4... Thank you very much, your program saved me a bunch. Bob F.
I just wanted to let you know that I was able to recover two 18 volt Craftsmen batteries this weekend. One measured 8.65 volts and the other 4.64 volts and indicated 'bad' on the charger. I... applied the 3 step process. I got them up to 17.6 volts and put them in the charger. It went to Fast Charge and completed a full charge on them. I used one in the flashlight to do some outdoor work. It stayed bright the whole time and measured 19.4 volts after 24 hours. Thank you! Greg N.
I used your procedure (easy mode) and was able to resurrect my two 16.8 Craftsmen batteries. They seem to hold the charge good and they came up to around 18 volts fine. You did an excellent job with your instructions and the pictures. Thanks also for the explanation of what happens to Nicads. Thanks, Robert G.
The battery reviver works perfectly, all my batteries ae now fully charged and working perfectly. I am delighted with the ebook, its simple & easy to use and cheap. Great product I'd recommend it to anyone. Thanks again, David M.

Hello Rick, Your battery resurrection method worked flawlessly during the first step application on the two [2] Craftsman 13.2V and two [2] of my Ryobi 3.6V battery packs so far. As a beginner, the whole operations only consumed about 40 minutes. The performance was awesome eliminating all of my previous skepticism. You grossly underestimated my chances at 50% after my rapid 100% success warranting my positive feedback. I cannot say enough about your battery resurrection method. The above battery laden tools are stored in my cold garage during the winter months without use or recharging. Thanks so much for your method information and follow up. Allan S.

To Whom it May Concern, I have an 18 volt Milwaukee battery that has been Dead for 2 - 3 years. I left my battery in a box full of copper fittings in the back of my truck for a week. I always thought of throwing it away. I purchased 2 new batteries to make up for the one dead one. But for some odd reason I never threw out the dead one... I was completely skeptical, I thought that this would not work. After I ordered the (your) plans on resurrecting I thought that I had wasted my money. Boy was I wrong! I have never been happier to admit to being wrong before! I don't fully understand how or why it works. But I am sure tickled that it does! This is truely amazingly incredible! This is pure genius! Thank you! Sincerely, Kevin M.
i got the mail and i can just say.....THANKS!!! It worked :) i am very happy. My Dewalt batteries 18 v cost 190 US dollar here in Sweden and now i fixed it with your method. i am so pleased that it worked. Thanks Thanks Thanks. Greetings from Sweden, Mattias T.
Rick, Thanks again for the Battery Resurrection info. It worked the first time I tried it on my shot Craftsman 13.2 cordless drill battery pack. Cool part was that I could use... to revive the bad one. Following charging the pack read 15.001 volts and after sitting 2 days was still at 13.98. I've been telling all my "toolhead" friends at work. Good luck. Jim P.
Had 3 Harbor Freight 9.6 Volt batteries that wouldn't take or keep a charge. Immediately resurrected 2 and found out that one wouldn't 'easy resurrect". Your info gave me the info and confidence to open the battery, test each 1.2 cell and found the one that was a problem. Resurrected it and am now charging it. Also didn't have a charger for 2 VersaPak silver batteries. Tested them and found them very low. Did easy resurrect and proved both batteries good to go once I locate a charger at a yard sale. I will now purchase battery operated tools at a yard sale knowing I can resurrect batteries that probably made people want to get rid of the tool in the first place. Please keep me informed about any new discoveries and advise where I can ask questions later on, should any questions come up. Thanks, J.W. (You can email your questions to me and I'll help you - Rick)
Rick, I was skeptical about this, In the last couple of weeks I've had a drill stolen from my truck, and yesterday I forgot to close my tailgate and another one fell off the back into traffic. As I tried to stop, pull over and cross a busy intersection I watched a guy stop, pick up my drill and drive away, hoping against hope he would inspect it, find my name and phone # on both the drill and the battery and call me. No such luck. It's like losing your right hand. I use these tools everyday. I was looking for a reasonable replacement when I came across your listing, and oh what the hey, it sounded to good to be true, but what's a little more lost if it doesn't work. I had 3 battery packs that no longer took a charge. A battery store in town will replace all the cells in them for $60.00 each. A little steep. If this would work it would be worth it. I followed your guide and one easy resurected, one resurected doing the 3 step process, and I'm going to re-read your guide and redo the 3rd when I have more time, or else save for parts. Thank you for this great guide. I now have replaced the 2 batteries I lost. There's some feeling coming back in my right hand. Tom R.
I have a lot of Motorola radio batteries and keeping the radios up with good batteries can be very expensive. Battery Resurrection worked on several of the batteries, the ones it didn't work on I have not had a chance to re-resurrect to see if they will take the second time. Thanks for the information, this could possibly save our business a lot of money by letting us resurrect our radio batteries rather than replace them. Mike A.
I’m very impressed….My old 9.5V black & Decker drill was going into the garbage because of the battery being dead. I followed the instructions and I have my drill back and working like new. Thanks. Daniel G.
Rick, I was very skeptical about this, but at 59.99 per battery what the hey. I have a Sears Craftsman 14.5 drill about 6 or 7 years old I don't use it much, but when I need it, I need it. Both batteries would not take a charge at all. I tried your fix and after 10 min on the charger I could not stop the chuck with my hand both batteries took a full charge! Thanks for the info! Mark C.
Hi, Very happy. I resurrected 2 12V Ryobis and 6 Makita 9.6 volts and have 5 versapacks to do. Good thing I'm a packrat. That's what the wife says. Anyway, saved me a lot of money!! Bill F.
I have two 12V Makita batteries that wouldn't take a charge. Following your directions I now have them charging. Don S.
Sir, Thank you very much for the Battery Resurrection Guide, I have now recovered 3 x 18 volt batteries and a number of single cells successfully and am delighted with the product. Money well spent!!! William M
Your product is unbelievable. I received your instructions within 1/2 hour of purchase. I gathered 7 old Craftsman drill batteries that I didn't have the heart to throw out and proceeded to resurrect them. I sucessfully resurected all 7 batteries. A big Thank-You for this great product at such a reasonable price. Rob S.
Rick, AMAZING!! You just helped me resurrect 2 Craftman Drill 16.8v batteries. Replacement cost for both is over $100!! Thanks, Bob S.
Got it! Thanks! Worked like a charm!!!! And it was great fun! Phil R.
Your instructions were precise and easy to follow. All went exactly as you said and operation went smoothly. Now I have 4 good batteries, 2 new I purchased before I came across your site and 2 old I pulled out from my recycler and resurrected. Thanks Again! Dennis I.
Hi Rickcad; I just used your restoration process and am VERY happy with the results of your process. I saved 3 out of 5 dead batteries, the 2 were so far gone (leaking corrosion) Im not surprised that they didn't come back. I'm sure I've saved over $100.00 so far. and you also told me how to repair the one's that won't come back for less than half the cost of a new one so a big THANK YOU. I'm very happy John U.
Just wanted to let you know that your procedure for resurrecting batteries worked for me and I'm a very satisfied customer. My 12 volt drill battery had been dead for years and your easy to follow guidelines reinvigorated them like a charm. It was the best money I've spent in years. Please keep up the good work. Colin M.
I resurrected two 14.4 batteries on 9/20/07. On showed no juice for any cell. It appeared to be dead, dead. I... and now that battery is showing 16.5. I dated it and will see how long it lasts. Thanks, Lance B.
I have a Ryobi 12V drill about 3 or more years old with two batteries. One battery was dead for over a year and held only 2V fully charged. The other battery died recently and held only 5V fully charged. Tried your technique despite my skepticism. The first battery now holds 10.5 V and the second a full 12 V. Both held for 2 days and seem to have lots of reserve when I tested them. I'm going to give it a fuller test on a project in a couple weeks, but so far I'm impressed. David S.
Thank you for your diligence Rick. Great customer service! Don't see enough this day and age. Lee L.
Just restored a 12v batt for my drill. Easy and awesome. Thanks a million! Paul W.
I had two 14.4 sears drill batteries that the charger indicated defective and the no load voltage was 9 and 10 volts... After resurrection each pair of cells jumped in voltage (no load) until I got a total of 18 volts no load on one and 19.5 on the other. Then I charged them both - the first time in about two years they quick charged in about 20 minutes. I figured I saved $60
Hi There: I was kind of skeptical at first but you made me a believer. I had 2 18 volt ryobi batteries both would not take a charge. After your resurrection tune up both have charged fully and working like new . Thanks again Louis B.
It has been 48 hours since I resurrected two Craftsman 14.4-volt batteries. So far each battery has not lost one full volt since being resurrected... Now 48 hours after the resurrection, one battery still has a charge of 15.55 volts and the other, 15.56 volts. So far the Battery Resurrection has been a complete success. This technique has saved me over $100 in batteries so far. Also thanks for helping protect our environment (battery recycling), for our children. Rick W.
I tried this on some old Verspak batteries first, to seriously test this technique and out of shear curiosity. After the resurrection process, I used tools that I haven’t used in almost ten years and they worked like they were new! I was a little skeptical at first, but now I am a firm believer! This process saved me lots of money! Charles B.
Rick, WOW, was very skeptical at first, but it worked on the very first battery I tried. Very happy with the purchase, I can see saving lots of $$$ on batteries from now on. Please put me in your email list for new ideas and products... Thanks, Blake R.
Used your method with an old Makita 9V power drill battery. 0ne battery came back the other didn’t but at least now I have my old “lightweight” drill and driver back. Will definitely be using for more items I have. Will be very interested in hearing about new developments on other than NICAD batteries. Just reviving the one battery on the drill was more than worth the investment !!!!. Add me to you mailing list. Jay L.
Hey Rick! I tried your resurrection on 2 ryobi 14.4V batteries with immediate success! One battery is for a flash light, the other for a drill. Both are still going strong from just one charge for 2 weeks now! I figure your info has paid for itself 3 times already judging by the cost of replacement batteries with the shipping. Thanks! -David W.
I purchased Battery resurrection from you a couple of days ago. While I haven't had a chance to use the information yet I just wanted to write and let you know. Your how to is very well written. You don't write over the heads of most people trying to impress them with your knowledge and you don't write down to people in a patronizing / condescending manner which would make it boring to some and insulting to others. After reading all the instructions you made it very clear as to what is happening to these batteries and the nature of their failure. It's evident you've spent a lot of time testing and repairing these type's of batteries and you've done a good job passing this information on. I'm ready to start fixing some of these batteries instead of buying new ones. Thank You for your information. Danny L.
I was rather skeptical in purchasing this procedure. However, I soon found my skepticism was unfounded. In a few short minutes I had resurrected 2 versapak batteries. Thank you for a procedure that should definitely save anybody money when it comes to using rechargeable batteries. Fred J.
Rick, I bought the battery Resurrection thing from you and was kinda skeptical about it. I finally needed my dewalt 14.4 cordless bad & I tried it, as both my batteries were dead as a hammer... Darn it worked like a charm! I am charging them both now and can't wait to use them. You saved me over $100. and I'm grateful. Please feel free to use this in the testimonies. Thanks, Allen M.
Hi, I tried the Battery Resurrection on a Kmart drill that I bought in 1993 and it worked! I couldn't believe it, I haven't been able to use the drill or get battery packs for it in 5 years. I'm very pleased. Thank you, Raphael F.
Finally got around to resurrecting my batteries. Had doubts big time, BUT....It worked.
Simply simple, simply amazing. Thanks, Calvin B.
I was a bit skeptical about the resurrection claims, but decided to give it a try. I have an old Porter-Cable cordless drill that the batteries were not taking and/or holding a charge anymore. (I had almost thrown it away.) I tried the easy resurrection process, and was amazed that they both came back to live and delivered more power than when I had received the used drill in the first place. Bill L.
I've already resurrected two Verapak batteries. Was getting ready to get rid of them. One of the best investments I've made. Larry C.
We just purchased the battery resurrection guide, and we've already resurrected three DeWalt drill batteries. What a money saver! Deagan P.
Just wanted to let you know that I bought your guide last week and it worked great! I had 2 12 volt Craftsmen cordless drill batteries that were down to 4 and 6 volts. Did the easy resurrection in about a minute for both batteries. When retested the voltmeter had them at 13-14 volts. How will I know when to recharge them again so I can avoid the memory effect? it's in the help section in the guide)Thanks again, From a complete electrical novice, Dr. D.
What a great idea, I have managed to 'Resurect' 3 batteries for my B&D Firestorm 12v Drill and have saved countless $$$$$$, thanks for a great product... Steve G.
It definitely does work, I had three 18 volt Dewalt batteries that read ZERO.
I followed the three step method on 1 battery and brought it back to life. I then tried the easy resurrection on one and it too came back also. River B.
Hi Rick, Just wanted to let you know things have worked GREAT. I have tried this on a DeWalt 9.6 battery pack and a Streamlight flashlight battery pack and they both are still going strong... I gave the battery to a friend to try and he was amazed with it. He said he just bought a new battery and he could not tell the difference between the new one and the ressurected one! He even thought the resurrected one held a better charge. Thank you very much. I have been collecting batteries now to resurrect. It's fun to do something so simple to restore these pricey battery packs. Roger G.
This works great. I have used it on 3 drill batteries, did very good. looking forward to camcorder battery. Satisfied customer. thanks, Wayne W.
From the last of the long-time worked! My 16.8V Craftsman power driver/drill and light have new life. I had two batteries which I had spent days pricing replacements via the web. The minimum I was going to get away with was just under $100. I bumped into your website by chance (or accident) and read the testimonials and thought what the heck......$12.95 or $100?! Which makes more sense. I bit the hook and am glad I did so. It truly worked... Both registered 19.6 volts and both have held the charge now for quite a few hours. I'm frankly amazed ...... Thanks VERY much for sharing this valuable information... Gary S.
I tried the resurrection technique on a couple of Versapac batteries I had given up on. One was very low and the other showed no voltage after charging for 24hrs. Using the technique... produced a dramatic change, both batteries were over 4v and powered a light better than I recall for years. Many thanks, Brent C.
Hi Rick, After receiving your guide, I couldn't wait to try it on my batteries. I have two batteries that hadn't been used for four years. I put each one on charge for about fifteen minutes and each showed around five volts. I used your process and after the resurrection each battery charged to the proper voltage in less than an hour. Thanks a lot . This is GREAT!!! Marvin B.
Rick, I bought the battery resurrection guide Friday and read over it. It sounded to simple to work. I have an 18V Craftsmen drill with two batteries and they had both died to about 7.5 volts and would not take a charge. The older Craftsmen 18v batteries cost about $45.00 each to replace, and there were were several reviews on them that stated they did not hold up very well for long and needless to say were very upset. With nothing to loose, I ... as you had shown and tried the simple resurrection process. IT WORKED - I was absolutely amazed. Both batteries showed about 18+ volts after the resurrection and would now take a charge. Previously, the charger was indicating a defective battery. You saved me about $90.00 for batteries (or more for a new drill), plus several Versapak batteries that it worked on as well. I don't know how you developed this procedure, but I would classify you a genius. I'm an engineer (an ME not electrical) and my hat is off to you. I was truly amazed at how easy and effective this was. I can't wait to tell my friends about this and that there is hope for their dead batteries. Thanks so much, Steve B.
Your information regarding battery resurrection is great. I fixed my 24 volt bosch battery in a few minutes. Your product is great and is easy to do. THANKS, William H.
I've used the resurrection to do from 12 volt to 18 volt . One 12v. two 15.6v. one 18v. showed zero volts. The 15.6 had set for over two years. All but one was done with the easy resurrection. One 18v. had to be do done by taking it apart; this seems to have taken care of that one. It's been almost a week and they're all holding good. BEST MONEY I'VE SPENT . I was getting ready to buy a new set. (I've done 12 batteries so far.) Roger R.
I've already resurrected one battery - works great! Thanks again! Mildred L.
I work for a matn. dept at a school dist. and when I told my co workers that I bought your resurrection for the batteries they chuckeld and gave me a hard time. Then when I received your resurrection guide and went to work the next day I resurrected 5 18 volt batteries that we were going to throw away. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOKS ON THEIR FACES, IT WAS PRICLESS, thanks and I must say, I myself had a neg. attitude but, now I`M A TRUE BELIEVER, THIS WORKS!!!!! THANKS AGAIN, Steve B.
I've waited nearly two months to let you know that your quick resurrection instructions for my power tool batteries worked like a charm. They came to life after being useless for six months. They now hold a charge and recharge almost like new. Thanks, Paul S.
I tried the method using... on both versapaks and 14.4 v tool batteries, and saved 6 versapaks and the 14.4v that I thought I would have to replace! Thanks! Tom D.
Dear Rick, I have 2 18 volt Ryobi Ni-Cad batteries that had pretty much stopped working. After a few tries, they are now holding their full voltage as if they were new. I am very pleased with the instructions you sold and the suggestions you gave. It was well worth the cost. Thanks Gerald B.
So far I have done 2 Ryobi 12V packs, a HF 16.8V, and a 7.2V R/C car pack with results as advertised. I used the quick method. Timothy N.
Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your system works great. I revived 8 versapak batteries that would not even take a charge as well as 2 14.5 volt batteries. All are working well and last about as long as my newer ones. I was ready to spend about a hundred dollars on batteries so your program paid for itself right away. Thanks ! Joe W.
Rick, did my two Dewalt 12v batteries and they seem to be working like new. Real easy to do just follow the instructions. Thanks, Don T.
Rick, Thank you, the versa pack repair worked fine. Thank you, Tom J.
A short note to let you know how wonderful your battery resurrection is. My 12v batteries for my drill were $37.00 each, the drill originally was only 29.95. so I bought a new drill but, kept the old one and the batteries. The resurection procedure came in handy, now Ihave 2 good cordless drills, with good batteries. please keep in touch with any new techniques. Dean E.
It took me a couple tries but, I got the hang of restoring the batteries now and it has already saved me hundreds. I am a contractor and own 6 18 volt dewalt drills and about 15 batteries. I have rebuilt 2 of my old batteries and they work great. I have found the 3 step process to work best for my batteries but, believe me they are well used and definitely abused. Thanks for the great process. David I.
I used the battery ressurection guide to renew four Craftsman 14.4 v batteries. Like most people I am always in a hurry, so I tried the easy process first. After using the procedure on each one, all four showed full voltage on the meter. Thanks, James F.
I've refurbished 2 batteries and am working toward a third. Thanks - it works. Gary T.
Both charged up and I could not hold the chuck. Thanks. Matthew M.
Aloha Rick, Truly a fabulous service you have offered indeed. Superb details, pictures and explanation(s).. I cannot tell you enough how informative and practical your Battery Resurrection Tutorial is... Mahalo! (Thank you!). Andrew D.
Your resurrection procedure worked like a charm! The battery lives again! Please add me to your mailing list for future updates. Best regards, Dan C.
Resurrected 5 batteries of varying voltages. All worked out fine. Two seemed to be completely dead before resurrection. Cecil S.
Hi Rick; received the passcode right away and already fixed all my batteries - 6 in total. I used the quick method and brought all back to life. Actually, my 18 volt skills are showing as high as 23 volts. All batteries are holding power very well, where before they would go dead overnight. Totaly impressed, it was money very well spent. I thank you very much. Sincerely; Darrell L.
Thank you a lot!! it works!! I can't believe it! Before resurrection the charger light indicates that I must replace the battery ( dewalt 14.v) Damn good info!! The best 12 dollars I've spent on ebay!! Have a good day. Polo N.
I am amazed Rick. I had four 14.4 batteries that would no longer take a charge and was about to recycle them until I saw your advertisement. The volt readings were ,0.0,3.4,4.6 and 5.1 and left them in my two chargers over night. This morning they are both fully charged. Sure saved me a lot of money. Rolly D.
Hi Rick, Didn't know if this would really work but WOW! Tried it on a craftsman 19.2V and it only took a few minutes and it was charging and working again. I will be using it on some 19.2V porter cable batteries. THANKS! John H.
It really worked, I had some doubt, but I revived an 18 volt ryobi with the 3 step process. Then I found 8 very old rechargeable C batteries, all dead. I revived 6 of them. They now are holding 1.3 volts. Steve A.
Hi Rick, This system of yours just saved me $120 on the tentative purchase of two Ryobi 18 volt batteries to the tune of 75 bucks each minus 30 bucks for a multimeter bought locally plus the purchase of your system! Your system is unf%^&*ing believable!!! My two 18 volt Ryobi batteries wouldn't hold a charge for more than 2 days, and even after a full charge I could stop the chuck on the low speed. Not anymore though! It's been four days since resurrection followed by a full charge and I still can't stop the chuck even on the high speed. According to the multimeter they're both still substantially above nominal volts. I don't know how you came up with this but God Bless you from a working man who isn't made of money!! Thanks again!!! Al D.
Thank You , Great Procedure ! I just got an 18v ryobi battery pack back up and running , still have to do another ryobi and also a makita. Thanks again , MikeC.
Man, thank you. I had my craftsman 14.4volt DEAD. The charger said to replace the battery. I did last time, but this time Ibought you guide and damm, it worked in mins. I put it back in the charger and now it is charging up. The charger didn't say replace the battery. Man, I am Buzzing now. Thanks again for the great info. Shane F.
Hey dude- I bought the resurrection guide for my 18 volt skill kit. Worked like a charm. After I charged them they went to 18.6 volts, and I was able to use the batteries for 4 hours before going dead- before I used your method they would last about 17 min. and would not even run the 7 1/4 saw fast enough to cut a piece of 1/4 inch plywood. GREAT INVESTMENT... THANK YOU. Doug U.
Hi Rick, I just wanted to let you know that I used your guide to resurrect one Firestorm 13.2V battery and my neighbors (2) 14.4V Milwakee batteries. Surprisingly, all three batteries work fine after a full charge. When my neighbor put his dead batteries in his charger the red charging light stayed off, and after resurrection, the red light came on. The price of the Resurrection Guide has paid for itself three times over. The batteries do come back to life. Thanks again Rick. George C.
I did what you documented, and it worked on 6 of my 7 batteries. The 7th one has been dead for 3 years, and it was its time. I saved $72.00 already, and that is only my Black & Decker 1.5 volt batteries. Thanks, Dale B.
Hi Rick, I have to tell you that the resurrection really works. I have 2 craftsman 14.4 volt batteries that measured 5 volts and would not hold a charge. Afterwards they measured 14.4 volts. I fully charged them last night and this morning the voltage was 14.4 volts. My drill is like new. Your program really works. Thank you, Ed R.
Like a lot of your testimonials, I was looking online for a replacement 18V Craftsman battery for my several years old drill. Like a lot of manufacturers, Craftsman has changed the shape of their 18V batteries. Their new $25.00 18V battery won’t fit my drill, and they want between $45.00 and $65.00 for the battery that will fit my drill. I could not charge the battery before doing the resurrection because my charger will not start up if the battery is bad. As soon as I was done, I put the battery on the charger and the charge cycle started right up. I have always heard, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” This procedure lives up to all the claims. Thank you. Richard R.
Rick, we have used many 14.4 batteries for our three Firestorm drills. Before I found out about your resurrection technique, we would simply throw them away when they either lost their ability to hold a charge, or would not charge to a sufficient level to opperate the device. Now that we have tried your technique, we have several batteries that not only work well, some even outperform a new one, fresh out of the package. Now that is amazing! Thank you for saving us money and helping to clean up our environment, moving us one step away from the "disposable society" that we have become. Sincerely, Darren S.
My miracle resurrection is my 3.7 volt cell phone battery my wife gave up on. Fred B.
Thanks, you saved me $100 I brought 2-18volt & 1-12volt weed eater battery back, I'll tell anyone it does work cause Iwas in a hair of buying new ones, again, thanks a million. William G.
Rick- I got the battery resurrection guide -access! I tried it on a telphone battery and it works! Thanks, Dennis L.
It really worked!! I had a 13.2V NiCad Craftsman power tool battery that measured only 1.2V and would not take a charge (charger showed it to be defective). I used... the easy resurrection procedure. The battery came up to 13.2 volts and took a full charge on the charger. Battery works great in the power tool. Saved myself $35 or more. Thanks! William D.
I had 15 Dead Batteries And they all are taking charges, I can't believe it thanks ALOT, Jason D.
This worked good on the two Sears 18V cordless drill batteries I have. Victor M.
I have resurrected 3 batteries so far. Everything works as stated. Could not be happier.
Thanks, Carroll O.
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Within 2 hours after receiving your information, I repaired 7 batteries from various tools that were headed for eBay or the flea market. Even batteries that I thought were OK, tested weak. They're all better now. John B.
HI have resurrected over seven 14.4 volt Dewalt batteries with 100 percent success. I also did about 8 verapacks with only one failure. Bob C.

Hello Rick, Worked Great, saved all the cells in my 14.4 volt porter cable and some versapak batteries. Thanks Again, Brent M.

This is great it works on all of the batteries I have tried it on. If you follow the directions everything works GREAT. George B.
I must say Rick, it worked great on my 18v Ryobi power pack. I did each one that was dead then checked voltage with my meter. After I was done they all were fine. Plugged it back in the charger. It was a beautiful thing... Thanks, great tip. Clem B.
Fantastic! I tried a "quick fix" on a Versapac from my electric screwdriver. I had retired it a couple of years ago (the battery cost nearly as much as a new one). It now works as good as new. I named it Lazarus. I have a Paslode framing nailer I haven't used in several years due to 2 dead batteries that cost $50 each. The 6volt battery fires a butane charge that drives the nails. Dead as a doorknob. Used the "quick fix" once and brought it up to 4.06v. Second time I got 7.04v. Stays hot; 6.55 after 6 days. I've already saved well over $100 and I've still got a 24v drill with two dead batteries I'm going to juice up as well as another paslode battery. Thank you, I'm really going to enjoy my "new" tools. Henry D.
Hello Rick, Just want to say that the Battery Resurrection worked great! I had 5 VersaPak batteries that would not hold a charge. After the 1st resurrection they all work great with plenty of power. Sure glad I found your site. I was looking for an internet site to purchase new batteries and ran into your information. Sure glad I gave it a try. Information was very detailed and easy to follow. Dean E.
Hi, Rick. Best $12.95 I have spent. I have resurrected two 14.4 v Ryobi drill batteries and two VersaPak batteries. Tomorrow I will try to do the battery built into my electric driver. Great product. Thanks, Roy S.
The techniques described worked great. I brought two dead batteries back to life, saved me a bunch on new batteries or a new drill. Thanks! Bob F.
I had a craftsman 15.6 volt drill with one dead battery. You could charge it for days and not have anything. I tried the easy resurrection on it using... and within 1 hour I was using the once dead battery. I felt just like Dr. Frankenstein, LOL, well kinda . Thanks Phil W.
Figured I could afford to lose $13 on what I figured was a long shot that your guide would work. 12V Dewalt battery read 7.1 volts after charge - 13.6 volts after following your directions. Guide has already paid for itself. Thanks, Russell S.
Hey! I just resurrected 2 Makita 9.6 batteries that had been dead for at least a year, 2 Craftsman 18 volt, and a 14.4 Dewalt. I reckon I saved over $200 over buying new. The Craftsman batteries each had... and was surprised how easily they were resurrected! I used the Quick Resurrection Method on the Makitas because there was no easy way to get into them. I'm very pleased with the results of both ways, and will be using Battery Resurrection many, many times in the future! Thanks, Joe H.
HI Richard! I used your method today and resurrected two Craftsman 18 volt batteries, and three 15.6 volt Craftsman batteries that I had also given up on long ago. I am amazed at how quickly it worked. The cost of your product is nothing compared to the savings you get from not having to buy new battery packs! Thanks, Bruce G.
Rick, I am absolutely AMAZED at how well your Battery Resurrection process works. I was able to successfully revive two Craftsman 14.4 volt and one Ryobi 14.4 volt in the first two days. The second Ryobi has a physical short that your guide also helped me identify. Anybody with ANY mechanical or electrical sense can follow these instructions. Thanks for your help and your money saving information. Tom C.
Just Resurrected 2 Ryobi batteries that had been dead for 2 years. Now they work fine. Also 3 Craftsman and 2 Skill brought back to life--thanks thanks- Bob W.
I had two 14v. Black and Decker batteries that read 0.00v and 1.2v. Neither one of the batteries would even give a faint glow in the light, and after the process and charging, they both run the drill at full speed and the chuck can not be stopped. Jimmy D.
This worked great. I had a 5" circ saw with a dead battery and thought I would give this tutoral a try before buying a new battery. It works great now and only cost was for this tutoral. Will W.
I have saved 3 12 volt batterys and 18 yard light batterys with this restore method. Thanks, Leo T.
I tried the resurrection process on 6 versapak batteries that were completely dead, showing a 0.0 on the multimeter for each. Here it is 6 weeks later, and all 6 batteries are still running strong off the initial recharge after resurrection. At $11-14 each, the resurrection process has already saved me over $50. I haven't tried it on any of my other Ni-Cads, but you can bet I will once they start getting weak. Thanks for the great info. Chuck S.
Thanks very much. This saved me quite a few bucks repairing my Milwaukee 14.4 batteries. Pretty cool deal. I recommend this to any cordless user . I'm a commercial building framer and will always use this info in the future. Michael M.
Works Great!!! I restored one (out of two) dead 14.4 drill motor battery. Battery is at least 5 years old and works like new now... Definitely worth the price of admission!!! Joe S.
Saved over $700. in discarded Batteries... I saved 5 18v Milwaukee batteries and 8 Ryobi 18v batteries in less than an hour. It has been two days and all batteries are holding a full charge. So far today the guys have screwed in over 300 2.5 inch screws and still running strong on one Milwaukee battery. I am a contractor and we use from 5 to 8 batteries a day. Larry F.
It's great that you sell this info at a very reasonable price, because the tool companies are making a fortune and don't care about us, just our money. Thanks.....Jim D.
Rick, This is F$#%&^ unbelievable. Once I started using... the process worked like a charm. Thanks again man this is great. I have at least 1/2 a dozen expensive DeWalt batteries and this saved me a bunch of money. Mark D.
Hi Rick, I had five of my many VP100s go weak and was trying to find where I could dispose of them as we are not allowd to put them in our waste bins here in the UK. They were down in the low 100s, so I saw your resurrection ad and I thought for this price I'd try it!!! I did and to my amazment all five went up to the mid 400s. I'm chuft about that as I have three vpdrills/vpsander /vpstrimmer/vpdustbuster/vpscrewdriver and vp multitool, so you see I need the versapaks to work. Genius thanks a million. Bill P.
Hi Rick, the resurrection worked great. I couldn't believe it was that simple. Thanks again.
Mark S.
It works. I have a craftsman drill with two 18v batt. I was thinking of putting it in the garbage because they cost ($71 each). I solved the problem with the resurrection guide for only $12.95. Thanks resurrection guide. Julio---Puerto Rico.
Dear Rick, Just a quick line or two to let you know how thrilled I am about your process. After recieving the instructions on resurrection of the batteries I couldn't wait to try it. Let me tell you that I would not have believed it if I wouldn't have tried it myself. In a matter of thirty minutes I had four out of four craftsman batteries resurrected, two twelve volt, and two fifteen-six volt brought back to life. Thanks So Much, Ray E.
Rick, I was very skeptical about a simple fix for my worn-out batteries, but with your low price I figured that it was worth a try. I had four 14.4 Volt batteries that were worn out and despite being left on the charger for days, they would not accept a charge. I bought your Battery Resurrection Guide and immediately used the "Easy Resurrection" method on all four batteries. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All four of my batteries are now functioning as good, if not better, than they did when originally purchased. Pretty comical that after $12.95 and a few minutes, I now have four fully charged and chargeable batteries. Each battery only needed 1 hour on the charger for a full charge after being resurrected. Just like new. Amazing. Thank you. Harald H.
I was initially skeptical and suspicious, but after trying it myself, I'm convinced--it works. The Resurrection technique saved me $80! I expect to save (=avoid spending) _hundreds of $_ over the life of my cordless tools.Good luck with the R&D, I'm especially interested in your findings with laptop batteries. Thanks tons! Alvin L.
Rick, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say your procedure worked great and it took all of about 10 seconds! Sears has discontinued the 16.8v battery packs and chargers. They can only be found used on the internet. I was going to end up buying a new drill when I found your website. You just saved me at least a $100! Thanks again! It's nice to know that there are still some good products and info available and that your website was not a scam to just get my money! Glen M.
I wanted to thank you for the great information you've put together on ressurecting Ni-cad batteries. It saved me over $100! I own a Craftsman 12v drill. It has provided me with years of faithful service. Six months ago one of the two batteries wouldn't hold a charge. I contemplated purchasing another, but hesitated when I found the replacement cost was $50. Just recently the second battery started doing the same thing. My wife found your advertisement on the web. I ordered the information, and in an afternoon I had revived both batteries. That drill is now a useful tool once again. Erich M.
I bought your product and want to leave a testimonial. You saved me alot of money with that resurection guide. It brought back to life 2 cordless drill batteries and 2 batteries from a Sharp video camera so far. Fantastic. You should be asking more for it when it has the possibility of saving people so much money. Thanks again. Kevin G.

I took your procedures and "resurrected" a $100.00 Nebulizer Battery and then two $50.00 power tool batteries. The process does exactly what is claimed when followed. The item is a Transneb Medical Battery. Ray D.

I took my old Versapak batteries and brought them back to life. Works GREAT, and so simple to do. Thanks a bundle, Rick E.
Hi Rick, Just a quick note to say just how pleased I am with your "Information". When I received it (within minutes after paying) I went right out in the garage and tried the "Easy Resurrection" method on a Ryobi Battery (9.6v) which has been dead and would not charge for over a year. Battery came to life even before putting it in charger, then after charging it I once again have both batteries that came with the drill!! When I got home from work today, I couldn't wait to try this method on a Makita Drill with built-in non-replaceable batteries. This drill was one of my favorites (Right Size - Right Weight), but hasn't worked in 4 years or so. Just couldn't bring myself to throw it away and the shops want more than I paid for it new to repair it. Well guess what? After removing the screws to separate the halves I did a quick resurrection (actually twice) and on the second one "my favorite" is just like it was before it died! It's charging as I type this. So mark me down for a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER, and to quote a once popular phrase to anyone trying to decide whether to buy this, "TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT". Thanks again, CARL S.
So far I have resurrected 1 battery that would not charge... I took my Craftsman 18 volt charger to Sears & the guy there said the charger was bad (it wasn't). The repair guide is really amazing. Thanks! Gary L.
Rick, I used the quick fix on a couple of 12 volt Ryobi drill batteries. They immediately came back to full charge. You just saved me a bunch of money. Thanks. Bill G.
Three for three. Two Sears 12volt and one Black/Decker 3.6volt all working fine. I am amazed! It paid for itself when I resurrected the Black/Decker, they cost new $14.95. It's hard to believe that it works, but it does and I am well pleased. I am getting ready to do one for my son next. Thanks again, another happy custmer. Larry B.
Hi Rick, The battery resurrection is absolutely AMAZING. I had been trying to recharge a 18v dewalt battery a few weeks ago only to have the dewalt reconditioning recharger red light blink very fast after a few minutes with the battery in the charger. I tested the battery with the volt meter and it read 0.00. I used your instructions to resurrect the battery and I charged it fully on the same charger that it would not charge on and now it is fixed. When I tested the voltage it reads over 20.0 volts. Thanks So Much. Tim R.
Rick. This guide is great. I was very skeptical as others were in the testimonials I read. $12.95 is not much to spend these days, even it doesn't work. So, comparing that to the price of a new battery, I went for it. My problem was a Craftsman 18 volt battery that would not charge on the charger. It just flashed red saying the battery was discharged or hot... After applying the process, I put the battery on the charger. The charger said it was charging... I was amazed. My wife sat and watched what I was doing and she could not believe it. Thank you! Mike V.
Hey Man, I have to thank you for your Battery Resurrection Guide... I "had" two Ryobi 18 volt batteries that I thought were wasted, but now I have two like new batteries after following your guidance. Thank you again, and good luck, Chad L.
I used... to rejuvenate my 18 volt ryobi three year old shorted battery and your system worked the first time. Battery has more power than it did when it was new. Allen M. retired electrician.
Man you're awesome! You saved me $140.00. The process is easy, and I think anybody could understand the directions. I had four batteries as good as dead that I was dreading to replace because of the cost. I considered just getting a whole new set (drill and batteries), but you saved me the expense and time. Thank you, thank you, thank you ! ED H.
HOLY CR_P, that about sums up the experience. I had 4 batteries for my 12 volt B&D drill and I was down to 1 battery that I could use... I now have 3 after the resurrection... I figured I saved a lot of money when I spent the 12.95 for the tutorial. Thanks... Gary R.
Worked fine for me. I revived a discontinued 14 volt Craftsman. Many thanks. Alain L.
The battery resurrection guide worked wonders on my dewalt 18v batteries. I was almost ready to go and buy new batteries for my cordless drills, but stumbled on to your web page saving me heaps on replacements. Thanks again, Dave F.
I just bought the Battery resurrection guide and already fixed the batterys of two cordless drills. I had them lying around for two years with flat batteries and now they work again. Fantastic! I was skeptical at first, but now I have to say: This works! Fast, simple and definitely cheaper than a new set of batteries. Great, will fix all the flat batteries of my work mates for a sixpack. David C.
Thanks. resurrected 3 versapak, 1- 18v and a phone battery. Don B.
Hey Rick, Was very skeptical when paying for the resurrection guide... BUT threw the battery on the charger and “BINGO” it was taking a charge. Resurrected a dewalt battery and “BINGO”. Both batteries were flat DEAD; they wouldn’t even take a charge, now they work just fine. You just saved me over 100 buck’s, thanks. Larry O.
This worked on 3 of my 4 Kenwood portable radio batteries, They lasted all day with normal use and still had juice left. THANKS RAY H. M. (a happy buyer)
It works, I revived 2 18V dewalt XRP batteries, 2 Mastercraft 14.4 V batteries and an old rechargeable lamp. Now I have no limits. Every NI-CAD battery can be revived. Thanks, Jean G.
This was genius!!! I resurected two 12-volt batteries of my Ryobi Cordless drill/driver. On one I resurrected with the easy resurection, but the other I had do the long way. I was so excited when one came alive, and was over 12 volts after 3 hour charging. It certainly held the charge and makes my tool work like brand new... It was the best investment I ever did... I thank you for sharing this simple, and very ingenius knowledge. My WIFE thinks I am a GENIUS!!!! F.A.
Well, I’ll be damned. The batt was absolutely FLAT, no reading at all. I jump started it using Easy Rez... I put it in the charger and did not get the fast blinking, but the steady blinking, indicating charging. Left it on for a little while and it’s now fully charged. Saved me $60!! Al J.
Hi Rick, Just want you to know that I had very good success with your program. I ressurected seven different types of tools with batteries from 2.4 to 19.2... Don N.
Rick, I will have to admit that I was skeptical about your claims. After receiving your information I decided to experiment on a couple of very old and very dead nicad batteries for an old Bosch cordless drill. I had given up hope of finding replacements, so I figured I had nothing to lose. To my surprise I was able to ressurect both batteries and return my drill to a useful life. This drill had sat idle for at least 5 years. I am impressed! Thank you, Herb J.
This is so Kool even a kid could do it. I Tried the Easy Resurrection first and my Battery took a Full Charge. Thanks a Million, you saved me a lot of money in the future. Steve G.
Hi Rick, The two Coleman 18 volt batteries work like new ones with plenty of torque on my drill. It was worth the $12.95. Money well spent. Thanks again, Dave B.
Hi. This is by far the best deal yet...! I had six versapak batteries that were bone dead and your method brought 5 back to like new life again! You are a genius and a true hero to we carpenters all across the country. Thank you very much. Thomas B.
I have to say that I was skeptical about both your "ressurrection" claims as well as my abilities to perform this, but being a military wife with my husband away for months at a time, I sometimes have to go out of my comfort zone to get the job done, as I am the only one who's here to do it. I ordered your guide, and was amazed at how easy it was to resurrect my two Ryobi 14.4 volt batteries that hadn't taken a charge for months. I was so proud to not only be able to fix the batteries, and to complete the repair project that I needed the drill for, but mostly to be able to e-mail my husband and tell him that I fixed his drill. Thanks for saving me time, money, and frustration replacing a perfectly good working drill. - Sue M.
I’m very impressed with your battery resurrection guide. I was skeptical at first. I was able to resurrect two 14.4 Volt Ryobi batteries. Jeff H.
Some months ago I purchased your battery repair guide and it work very well on my 12 volt batteries. I had some success on my 18 volt batteries, but I think they were really shot. I was able to get one good one out of three.
My problem is that the cat pee'd on the documents and they are no longer usable. Since I no longer have my access code for the link, can you help me out? Thanks, Steve ** I sent him the link, of course, Rick
I just resurrected two batteries using your method and it worked very well. My drill is back to normal strength, and the batteries hold a charge now where they didn’t before. The method is straightforward and pretty easy. Any man or woman who is handy around the house should have no trouble doing it. In my opinion, it was money well spent. R. W.
Hi Rick: Thanks for the Guide, it worked like a charm. I used... to resurrect a Craftsman 16.8 battery that has been dead for about 4 years. The charger code on that one said that it was defective and needed replacing. Well, after applying your procedure I placed it into the charger and it began taking a charge for the first time in 4 years. An hour later the charger showed it had fully charged, I put it back in the drill and it has plenty of power and torque. Am I glad I didn't throw it away. Next, I had two 3.6 volt VersaPak batteries that were dead. I applied the procedure to both of them. To my delight... it now has plenty of power and works like new. Thanks again, Bob H.
In the first hour I fixed 4 Ryobi batteries and two craftman. Your product is wonderful. Migdcel N.
I waited a few days to see if the resurrection was going to hold, worked perfectly. I resurrected two 18 volt Milwaukee batterys and a 2.4 volt Skil screwdriver and it worked perfectly. Lloyd K.
Can't believe it actually worked, but it did on my Craftsman 18V battery. I know new drills aren't that much, but I have become attached to this one, so saving my battery was just the ticket for me. I used... and the battery was resurrected!! Thanks for the wonderful info!! Ted S.
I was definitely a skeptic, but thought I'd risk $12.95 since the cost of a new Porter Cable 14.4V battery is about $65. I used... (easy resurrection) and afterward the battery measured over 15V. After charging the battery, seems to have plenty of power. Thanks! Dave M.
Great Deal.. I revived 3 batteries using your guide. Thanks, Frank M.
I had 2 Craftsman 18v batteries, and one 13.2v battery that would... Craftsman Battery Resurrection
"This process works. Of all the household hints, tips, and do-it-yourself advice out there, this is worth many, many times the $12.95 price". Sincerely, Eric P.
Found my access, wow used this and everyone of my batteries came back to life even ones that were over 10 yrs old, thanks thanks thanks. David W.
I was able to Resurrect two(2) 14.4 volt Craftsman batteries using... I have used my drill with one of the batteries since charging them and they are both still over the normal voltage. Saved me a lot of money. Paul D.
I wanted to take a minute and say that Battery Resurrection really does work! I’ve resurrected some Versa-Pac batteries that I almost threw away several years ago. Also, in the process of resurrecting some Ryobi cordless drill/driver batteries I found wires that had broken off and only needed to be soldered back. So even though I didn’t have to resurrect them, the process saved me a LOT of money and I WILL be prepared for when I do need to resurrect them! I am a former skeptic who now believes. Ricky
I really didn't think this would work, but you proved me wrong. I resurrected 2 ryobi 14.4 batteries by the easy method. The charger was showing the batteries to be bad, but after resurrecting they worked great. Pretty simple to do and I had everything I needed in my garage. Thanks! D.A.
Just a note to let you know that I have had great success bringing a couple of Dewalt batteries
back to life. I am set and able to bring any additional dead batteries back to life. Thanks for the info... Regards, Frank M. Jr.
Richard: Here is a testimonial for you: After..., I fixed four old Versapak batteries in a few minutes! Now my drill works again. Thanks a lot. Keith S.
Dear Rick, I just finished resurrecting my dead craftsman 14.4 volt battery. You made a believer out of me. I don't know why or how this works, but it does. Richard N.
Rick, I am completely amazed at this process! Works like a charm.The money you have saved me is considerable! I have to say that I think this is the best $12.95 I have ever spent. Keep up the good work. Thank you so very much! Truly AWESOME!!! Brian O.
I just applied the instructions per the guide. AMAZING RESULTS!! Again, honest American ingenuity. Glad I found your ad. Keep up the good work. Paul D.
I had 2 batteries for a 12V Craftsman cordless drill go on the blink...Craftsman Battery Resurrection
Hey it works. At first I was skeptical but for $12 one can only give it a try. Now I have may batteries back. Too bad I already bought a new one. Paul B.
I had 3, 12 volt Ryobi batteries. I resurrected 2 of the three, the third one had cells that leaked, I'm keeping it for the cells that are still good, plus I resurrected 3 of my rechargeable screwdrivers, that I stashed, I was looking to buy new batteries for these, and now I don't have to, I saved at least $65.00. I took a chance and gambled, and won..This really works!!! I still can't believe it worked..This was the best investment that I ever did!!! Thanks Joe
Awesome!!! I had two dead versapack batteries and in just 3 seconds they were revitalized enough to accept a 3 hour charge and they are running like new again. I must admit I was very skeptical at first but WOW, I am convinced now! Thanks again for saving me a bundle! Mike
As a true skeptic, I paid your price-to-peek on eBay, and downloaded your multi-page “Resurrection” document. Again, not believing it would work, I gave it a try on a dead DeWalt 18v. battery. Voila! Much to my surprise, IT WORKED! Just felt the need to say thanks, so the reason for this e-mail. I do volunteer handyman work for low income seniors and the disabled and depend on my portable tools. I now sit proudly admiring 20 “resurrected” batteries from 14.4 to 18v. which were redeemed from a dark mortuary of deceased tools. Thanks again… Ken C.
Hi Rick, Your technique works great!!! We did a couple over the weekend and everything worked out just fine!!! Thanks very much!!!! Tim
Hey Rick, Probably the best $12.95 I've ever spent. I have already restored a Ryobi 18v, 2 versapaks, 5 out of 6 18v Milwaukee. Am presently hunting through drawers and boxes for more.. If only I could get back the ones I threw away. The directions were clear and simple to understand. Please send me the updates as they come available. Thanks again! George P.
It worked great! My drill wouldn't hold a charge, so I bought a new drill. I liked my old drill so much I looked for replacement batteries on line. They were $40-$65 each. Then I saw this
Resurrection idea. For $12.95 I thought I would give it a try. I... to do an" easy resurrection". It took 10 minutes and I now have TWO good Drills!!! THANKS, Dean M.
Hey Rick: I wondered if this would work - especially the "Easy Resurrection" - and it does! I had three 14.4 volt sealed Bosch drill driver batteries, about 9 years old. Two went dead in the last year and one was very weak - on the way out. These cost about $50 each to replace. The Easy Resurrection restored powerful life to all three. Now I'll see how long the first Resurrection lasts - but I am up and running again - it's great! Well worth the $12.95. Russell H.
Was skeptical at first. It works!!!! Repaired first battery in 30 min. repaired 6 altogether. Low price for knowledge. Tom R.
I really thought this was just some scam, but decided to give it a try after reading other's testimonials. Well, it definitely works! So far, I've resurrected three Versapak batteries and one 13.2 volt Craftsman. Thanks for making this information available. Gary W.
Rick, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I now have been able to restore the power to 3 18volt FIRESTORM batteries that I was asking Santa Clause to replace for me. I now have asked Santa Clause for another cordless drill, since I no longer need to replace the "worn out" old batteries. Hopefully she, Santa Clause, will grant me my wish. Great product and great person to work with.
Again THANK YOU for your information. Not only is it easy to understand, it is also easy to apply, fun to do and best of all, IT REALLY WORKS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Jim L.
I was really skeptical about this battery resurrection thing working.
Dear Richard, Your procedure is wonderful. We've done all of our batteries and have only had one that was too far gone to bring back to life. Thanks so much. Please let us know if and/or when you come up with procedures for other batteries like cell phones, etc.
Sincerely, The Claytons
Thank you for saving my drill!!!! I haven't been able to use this drill for 5 yrs. But after about 1 hr of getting things ready then 10 minutes later both batteries are ready to go. My drill is a 14.4 volt craftsman professional. Dan T.
I was surprised at how easy it is to resurrect a battery. I am very pleased to have the knowledge you have provided. Thanks so much, Lyman F.
I had some batteries I 've kept for over ten years, they were to my makita drill 14 volt well thxs I'm able to use it again after your procedure. I have about ten more that I'll be trying it on. To tell you the truth, I really thought I was throwing money away. Merry Christmas, Jim
Ricks method was simple to do and worked as advertised. Ressurected my Craftsman 14.4 batts and Versapaks! Outstanding. Mike
So far i have resurrected 2 Ryobi 18 volt batteries that previously would not hold charge. After 1 day both are holding more than nominal voltage. Fantastic! Also, tried it with some success on a rechargeable radio which had been dead for years. I feel like I have got my money"s worth after 1 day of playing around. Wish I didnt throw those 3 Makitas away. Thanks Rick.
I reluctantly purchased your battery resurrection information. I had 3 Ryobi 14.4v batteries that would not take a charge. These batteries had been defective for at least 6 months. AT $25.00 to replace 1 battery, I thought why not take a chance with $12.00. I had done some research online about repairing NI-Cads and nothing I tried had worked. I used the easy resurrection method...
After following your instructions I was very surprised when the voltage jumped up to 12.2 volts.
I repeated the process on all 3 battery packs, put them on the charger and found that it indicated a full charge after an hour. I measured the voltage and it read 16.2 volts unloaded. When tested on a drill they all worked great. I would recommend this to anyone who has batteries that will not charge. Thanks, Larry G.
I am writing to tell of my success in rejuvenating several nicad battery packs.I have 3 13.2 volt
Craftsman batteries of which only one would charge and hold the charge. Also, I rejuvenated a battery pack for a 9.6 volt Mastercraft drill and a Black & Decker leaf Blower. Thanks, John
I used your guide to ressurect 2 Makita 12 volt sealed batteries. While one was not too far gone it now holds a charge of 12.45 volts. The other battery would not hold a charge for any amount of time. It now holds 11+ volts, where it used to only hold 7. I guess I will use it for a while and try to ressurect it again to see if I can get 12+ volts out of it. It worked for me. Nacho P.
Thanks Rick, Worked on 2 out 3 batteries that I tried. Was ready to throw the tool away or buy new batteries. Mike N.
My wife was very upset when I decided to try your method to resurrect a battery. She thought that once again I was believing another lie, but this time she was wrong. Your method really works, my two dead batteries are working as you said. Thanks for being real. Manuel H.
For 12.$ I will try anything, so I did order this thinking it will never work. I took two versapak batteries that were dead, not low, but dead, would not take a charge at all; well in five minutes I... as described, put them in the charger over nite, ready to laff the next morning. I put one in my screw driver and hit the button. It started and I grabbed it to stop it from turning. Well I couldn't. I put the other battery in with the same result. Never thought it would work but it did. Never thought I would write to tell either. Mike G.
I am utterly amazed! I used..., on two Craftsman 16.8V batteries and your process worked exactly as you described. All I can say is that I thought this was bogus, but now I am a believer. Thanks for saving me a lot of money. HAB
Ok, I thought this just another scam on the internet. I had two dead 18 volt Craftsman batteries. But your method worked like a champ and brought both of them back to life. Thanks for saving the $80.00+ dollars it would have taken to replace them. I... and used the quick method…. Worked EXCELLENT….THANKS……One happy Camper….. Jeff S.
I tried the quick resurrection on a craftsman drill battery that was dead, charged it, and used it to put up my Xmas lights. Definitely worth it!!! Thank You. Doug C.
Hello- I'm usually not one to write to businesses, but I wanted you to know that I had 100% success on 5 Craftsman 18 volt batteries. I am surprised, to say the least. Now if they will stay in usable condition for a while, you really have something! Thanks for the solution, I have several tools that use these batteries and Sears wants around $59. for new ones. Thanks.....Rick R.
This technique has worked on all 5 of the Versapak batteries I have tried it on even though I was skeptical and did not really expect it to work. Well worth the money since as far as I can find they are not making these batteries any more. Lee
WOW!! This method was easy enough for even me to understand. I really didn't think that you had a new mouse trap to offer but, I just saved the replacement cost of a rechargeable flashlight and a 14.4 volt Craftsman battery. Mike W.
Richard, This is my testimonial; It really worked; you saved me way over what I paid for the info. Each 14.4 v battery pack (if I could find that pop in type) cost at least $40.00 each. I resurrected 2 battery packs $80.00 - $12.95 = $67.05 savings for me. Thanks again and please add me to your mailing list. Edward H. S.
Rick, I did... and to my pleasure both of my Porter Cable 12 volt batteries are like new. One charged to 12.6 volts and the other one charged to 13.5 volts. I am very pleased with the information and I know it has saved me several time the money I sent you. The Porter Cable drill I have is several years old and they are very expensive to replace thus I took a chance on your information. --- Thanks, Gary T.
I'm an old timer who worked most of my life in the electronics field one way or another. When I saw read the ad and claims for your info, I seriously doubted it would/could work. Well, considering the cost of replacing my batteries 2X(14.4V), I decided that I couldn't afford NOT to give it a try. The procedure itself was a piece of cake and it is now the fourth day after I 'restored" both batteries, and they function just as they should. I put a pretty heavy load on both of them in an attempt to bring them down quickly, but they hung in there. I figure your product saved me about $100.00. Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!!! Glenn L.
Outstanding !! I have always been a huge skeptic when it comes to stuff like this. But using..., I was able to revive 2 Craftsman 18v. batteries ($60 each) that the charger said were defective and would not start the charging process. Both were showing 0.00v. I was able to use the easy resurrection and after 10 seconds..., they immediately started to take a charge. Now they both show exactly 18v., saving me $120 in 20 seconds time. Again..Out-freakin-standing !!!
Thanks, Chris B.
Rick, I recently purchased your product for resurrecting ni cad batteries, and was able to "renew" 3 of my expensive power tool battery packs. You saved me over $200 for new battery packs!!!!! Thanks. John D.
Well, after resurrecting the batteries I reassembled the pack and put it on the charger. Instead of getting a failure notice as I had been getting with this battery pack, it started charging normally. When I went in to check on it a few minutes ago (about 3 1/2 hours on the charger) the green light indicated charging was completed. I took the pack off the charger and plugged it into the drill and it has never run finer! I intend to check it again tomorrow to see what the voltage is after 24 hours, but I don't expect to see anything less than 18 volts. Thank you for making this information available. You saved me considerably more than what you charge for your resurrection procedures in just my first application! If only I'd found your site a few years ago when the battery died the first time! Bob
Greetings, I must admit I was a bit cautious about spending the $12 bucks...............UNTIL IT SAVED ME $110.00. I just finished resurrecting two 14.4 V NiCd batteries (Cat No. 48-11-1024) for my Milwaukee 1/2" hammer drill. Both were completely dis-charged and not even able to receive a charge from the charging unit that came with the drill. I followed the instruction examples, which by the way made the whole process FOOL-PROOF, and about an hour later one of the two batteries was back in the drill and functioning normally while the second was CHARGING. Something that battery hadn't done in about 12 months! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. David C.
Rick I had my doubts. I used the easy resurrection method on a Dewalt 14.4 that had been dead in the toolbox for two years. I started with 1.3 Volts. Within 30 Sec. it was 16.98 Volts. We used the battery the next day. I couldn't hold the chuck with my hand. You made a believer out of me. Keith J.
Rick - I purchased your Battery Resurrection Guide as a last chance to save $65 each for replacement NiCd batteries for a Bosch drill that I have had for a number of years. I had purchased a new battery a year ago and kept the old ones for nostalgia, I guess. I had previously tried to resurrect the old batteries using a method similar to your "Easy Resurrection", but never thought about the most important step! I was able to restore one of my old batteries to full power and life again by the "Easy" method... Best $12.95 I have spent in a long time!! Mike M.
Prior to resurrection, the battery would not hold a charge. Now the battery is as good as new. I am trying to resurrect a battery that gave me a reading of 0.00 volts on my multimeter. It is currently in the charger. I'll let you know how it turns out. Sears wanted $49.95 for a new battery. The battery was not stocked in the stores, so I would have to pay for shipping. The Sears salesman suggested I just buy a new cordless drill. Why? The drill may be five years old, but I haven't really used it much. I feel as though I have been duped by Sears.
HA!!!! Rick my first shot it worked. I have a DeWalt 14V that was dead dead
DEAD! That battery has been garbage for 6 months or more.
I read other users feedback, so I decided to gamble on this guide, since I have a large collection of Versa pack tools. Now, after resurrecting all my Batteries, I pronounce: " Rick's Resurrection ROCKS ! You saved me more than triple the price of the guide ! Thanks, Jim
I resurrected 2 18v craftsman batteries! It worked PERFECT! Anyone that is skeptical have them e-mail me for a reference! Thanks, Tommy
ok got the link and was able to fix 8 versapak 4 dewalt 14.4 v and 3 12v firestorm. WOW! best 12 bucks I've spent in years....thanks
Rick, I didn't think this would work. It seemed too easy. But guess what? My drill is humming along like it is brand new! I thought the drill was going bad and didn't realize the batteries were giving far less than the 13.2 volts they are supposed to deliver. Thank you for a great, unique solution. Rick in Florida
I tried the resurrection on a 24V drill that's been sitting in the case for several months because it never held a charge. I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES. It not only charged but was stronger then when I first got it... Thanks to you it is now my favorite. I also recharged several 14.4. INCREDIBLE! Joe
Hi Richard, I had all of these old batteries sitting around, hoping to tear them apart and rebuild them some day. I sure am glad I didn't throw them away. I purchased your battery resurrection info, on eBay, and resurrected 18v, 14.4v, VersaPak, 8 batteries in all. Best money I ever spent!
Thank you so much, John G. L.
If anybody thought that this wouldn't work I did, mainly because I have some good electrical / electronic knowledge. Well, it did!! My batteries (Bosch) were around 15 years old and not used for some time and basically shot. They wouldn't take charge and were nearly thrown in the bin when I discovered this web site. A quick... brought them back to life and they were running the drill after just five minutes charge. Believe me, this works. You can buy new batteries if you wish but you'd be stupid! 10 out of 10 and £120 saved for me. Andy.
Wanted to let you know that your method works perfect. I used the new quick method. I resurrected 3 other 24 volt batteries that registered as bad on the charger. I also resurrected 4 versa pack batteries and 1 12v dewalt battery that wouldn't hold a charge. I didn't need to disassemble any of the big batteries. All seem to be as good as new. I've never been more amazed. Thanks again!!! John
RICK, Well got to the batteries to day. Have two 18 volt craftsman with a trim saw. They were dead for about a year and a half .One had 0 volts , the other had 2 volts. The charger said bad batteries, did the quick method. Both read good in the charger and charged to 19 & 21 volts. Ran like new recharged and are still holding a charge. DON
I now have three good batteries at full power again, and am looking forward to "resurrecting" more dead and dying batteries around the house... click for battery testimonial
This method is AMAZING!!!!! My wife was skeptical..
Hi ! Very pleased w/ the system. I rejuvenated my VERSAPAKS that couldn't`t be charged and was going to throw out. Thanks for the help w/ the problem I had getting started. It was a pleasure doing business w/ you -- Take care, Mike
Good afternoon! I apologize for the late testimonial - I must have bought...
I used the "Easy Resurrection" method to bring two dead Ryobi 14.4 volt drill batteries back to life. I was amazed. The batteries have held the charge for several days now. I'm very happy and pleased with your method. It's well worth the money for the information. Thanks! Pete

One was formerly shown as defective, "dead", the other pulsed forever on slow charge. It would die overnight.
Both charged normally!! You get a 80 buck saving, 2 thumbs up from me. Thanks. Adios, Ron M.

Though skeptical, I went for your guide. Followed the directions for my two rather dead ryobi 14.4 volt drill batteries. Directions were extremely clear and easy to follow. I found..., after..., low and behold they were alive and kicking. Reassembled and charged, the battery shows 15 volts sitting on my bench two days later, and the drill is humming nicely again. I then attacked several versapaks that had been dead for over a year, and low and behold they too snapped out of their coma. Thanks again....S. G.
Tried your quick system out on a few batteries and it worked great. I'll try the regular process on the batteries I can open up. I have complete confidence it will work just as well. Thanks, Jackie
Hi, i just used it to save some 15.6 black and decker batteries. Worked great. Thanks again, Steve
Hey Rick, Used... to resurrect my two 18V fire storm batteries, then used... to repair a 24V battery. Can't say enough about your system. Best of luck and God bless America. Thanks, Charles
All four of my Craftsman 9.6V batteries were “defective,” as indicated by the
It really works. I was able to resurrect 2 Sears 18 volt batteries. Replacement cost from Sears was $120. Art T.
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the easy resurrection worked with both dead batteries. I then tried it on a battery that had been dead about 1.5 years and it worked on that too. I am completely satisfied and amazed. I have saved at least $100+. Feel free to use this letter as an endorsement and testimonial. Once again thanks. Bill H.
Dear Rick, Thank you so much! I was able to resurrect a Milwaukee 14.4 volt battery on my first attempt. The battery wasn't that old but was only holding 10.5 volts at full charge. After resurrecting.. it now charges to 16.5 volts. Wow!! It also held the charge over night and the drill is really kicking. The milwaukee battery was very easy to work with. Like I said in the email subject line, only Jesus does it better! Thanks for helping to resolving a pet peeve of mine. I was actually buying refurbed drills, that came with two batteries, because it was almost as cheap as buying two new batteries! Sincerely, Eric S.
Rick, I had to write and tell you about my first successful battery resurrection I have a Craftsman 16.8 Volt battery that read 9.7 volts. I put it on the charger and the charger indicated a defective battery. I... . I then re-checked the battery and it showed over 15 volts right away. I put it on the charger and it charged fine to 18.2 volts! I checked it again this morning, and it was still 17.7 volts. I admit I was skeptical even after reading the instructions, but it really does work!
Thanks, John
hey Richard.. couldn't believe my eyes. the volt meter read 18 volts when just seconds earlier it would only give me 15 volts.
I used... to restore 2 dead 12 v batteries about 2 weeks ago and they seam to be working fine now. also I used... on my 18 v battery that was working, but would not work for long. that has improved a lot. Thanks, Leo
Couldn't believe it! But it was quick fast and simple thanks for the information. Robert J.
Rick, I can't thank you enough for the guide to resurrecting batteries - It's easily the best thing to happen to my toolbox in the last couple years. Here's my little story:
I just completed resurrecting two 14.4 volt Ryobi batteries using your method. Thanks! I am probably the biggest skeptic on this type of Internet stuff but I still took a chance. After using your method on battery #2 I slid it into my charger and for the first time in 4 months it started charging! It came to full charge very quickly so I pulled it out and it showed 15.5 volts! I ran my drill, no load, for almost ten minutes and it still showed 15.5 volts. I used your fast resurrection method... It came back to life and took a full charge, also showing 15.5 volts! I have not put these under load or use, but I have two functioning batteries for $13, not $70 or more! Paul D.
Rick, Used your express method on two Sears 14.5 VDCs and it worked great. I couldn't get the individual cells out of the case so i tried the express method and it worked. Ron T.
I can't say enough good things about your procedure. I was going to have to buy 2 Milwaukee batteries at $70 each and have successfully brought them both back to life. Also an AEG drill battery that has been on the shelf for 4 years and now it works. They all appear to be at full power. Thanks, Dave C.
Worked fine hope you send me updates please. GREAT IDEA ! MONEY SAVER ! THANKS, Kevin
I tried your restoration process using the quick method. Used it on a 14.4 V CRAFTSMAN and a 9.6 V RYOBI and it worked great. I don't know if the charge will hold, but initially it charged a dead 14.4 V back to full strength..... Ron
Rick.... Thank you for the information....My craftsman 14.4 batteries, when they were placed in the charger, would light up green and yellow - defective battery....after using your procedure, when placed in the charger, the red light now comes on, which indicates that the battery is charging....I performed the procedure on THREE 14.4 craftsman batteries...the initial indication using the volt meter was above 14.4 almost to the 15 mark....I was using an older model that is not digital.....It is really unbelievable how simple it was....I think yesterday I was too excited in " getting my batteries back " that I just didn't read the instructions right....thank you again.... sincerely, Todd
Hey Rick, I live in Mexico where it is hard to find replacement batteries for my 12volt Dewalt. I was searching eBay for pricing when I saw you ad. I took the chance and sent for your info. One battery was completely dead and would not receive a charge at all from the charger, the other held a charge for about 10 minutes. With that battery I could only drill a few holes before recharging and could not use the circular saw at all. I followed your 3 step process and in seconds got the battery packs up to full charge. It was like giving an unconscious body a jolt with a defibrillator at the hospital. They both are working again. Beats $50 bucks per replacement battery. Thanks, John
I had two 12 volt batteries that were totally useless. After the full charge time, one held around 5 volts charge and the other around 2 volts. It had been a year since I have been able to use these batteries. After trying your procedure, one battery holds a 12.4 volt charge and the other holds an 11.9 volt charge a day after being charged. They went from being totally useless to serviceable batteries! Thank you, Pat
Rick, I couldn't be more happy about the $12.95 I spent on your instructions. After receiving your material and then running some errands, I came home and sat down for maybe one hour and have my battery drill back in action. It has been down for at least 6 months. (At first I also thought maybe my charger was bad.) I checked at Sears then for new batteries and they are over $59.00 each. That was then. Needless to say I didn't have the extra money since I'm on a fixed income. The drill itself is a professional series, 14.4 volt and it is a pretty good working drill. Now thanks to "Resurrection" this drill and I are back in action. I still can't believe it was that easy and quick to do. On one... I had to perform the task 2 or 3 times on that one to get it going, but it did come alive. Thanks again. Ray
Just wanted to say "thanks"...I just used your technique to resurrect my Porter Cable 14.4v battery! ...and it's almost like new again! I'll have to admit though...I was a little skeptical when I first purchased this info, but I'm very impressed now! Thanks again for the info....please add me to your email list if you have any other great ideas! Thanks again! Sam W.
After selling my work mate a brand new 18volt dewalt drill and buying myself one about 4 years ago, I was left feeling a little guilty when his batteries stopped holding their power and a few wouldn't even charge. I managed to resurrect 2 totally dead 18v 1.3ah batteries and one which was a little weak on power. I was quite amazed my self and decided to try your easy resurrection method on two of his totally dead makita 9.6 volt batteries- again, amazing success. I've just came back from work now where i've resurrected two bosch 9.6 volt batteries, 4 very old and abused makita 9.6v batteries, and one old 7.2 volt makita which was lacking in power. Not bad for a nights work ! MONEY DEFINATELY WELL SPENT ! gotta start on the dead 24 volt batteries tomorrow !!! Thanks again.
I did not think it would work, but it did, saved me $80.00 bucks, THANK YOU!!!!!!
Well Rick, I gotta tell ya..It takes a lot to impress me, BUT I'M impressed!!!! 5 min and I had 4 dead cells registering voltage and the battery back together and on the charger. It works just as described and feedback will reflect such. Thank you for saving me a bunch of money cuz I have 5 of these batteries that didn't work..AND DO NOW!!..Fantastic!!!..Keep up the good work! Len W.
Rick, Within 10 minutes of getting this information, I... tried it on a Versapak battery that read under .25 volts on a voltmeter. I put it in the charger and an hour later it was over 4 volts. It runs the Black & Decker Wizard Rotary tool like new. Thanks, Gene W.
Thanks for the info. Seemed to work fine. I tried the quick system on a 9.6 volt battery that would not even allow me to charge it. After using the method with... the battery would allow itself to be charged. This was a Makita battery. Thanks again, Tom K.
Rick, Last night I put the resurrection method to work. I had a Dewalt XR 14.4V battery pack. It would not take a charge and had the charger blinking rapid indicating a defective pack. It measured 0 volts on the multimeter. I did the resurrection... It measured 12.37V. I went ahead and charged it. It measured 14.63V. I put it in my drill and could not hold the chuck. I am really pleased with the results overall. Andy D.
Hi Rick, I have just resurrected a 15 year old battery from my Hitachi hammer drill. I am a very skeptical person about these type of claims, but I thought, Hey what have I got to lose. I was outbid on a couple that I had seen on ebay and a new one would cost me £75. So, I gave it a go. It worked great. Thanks for a great idea. Regards, Dave E.
I used your battery resurrection on a 14.4 ryobi battery. I had two dead cells in the battery. After the restoration, the battery was back at full power, and after charging it was like new. I could not stop it from turning with my hands. It worked great! Dan S.
I finally got a chance to try your procedure and it worked great. I had a 12 volt Porter Cable tool battery that I could not get to charge. I tested the voltage and it read 10.1 volts. I then used your one step procedure on the tool battery. After the procedure, the voltage on the tool battery read over 13 volts. I put it in the charger and it began to fast charge immediately. Thanks for sharing this great way to save money and frustration with failing tool batteries. Chuck K.
This is Great, just tried it out on 3 batteries, worked great on all of them. This really saves you a lot of cash, these batteries are not cheap to go and replace them, Thanks so much, this is definitely the best buy we have got off of ebay. Pat J. P.S. Keep us updated please!
I resurrected two batteries for my power drill so far. The Resurrection technique worked great. The steps were quick and easy to follow, I had my batteries working again in no time.
Thanks, Jesse
Your solution worked great! I switched to a... and restored all... batteries. Now both batteries are kicking again. They were pretty lame before the resurrection. Thanks again and I will be posting a positive feedback... Also, I want to thank you for your very quick response to my question.
Same day service, I love it. Ron
I just wanted you to know that I was extremely pleased in saving two batteries. The first one... So in reality you saved me two batteries which I could not replace. I am planning on trying it out on my camcorder batteries... I am writing this long eMail to express my thanks. Stan P.
Even though no direct information pertained to Milwaukee I was able with a little thought to "jump start " an other wise DEAD battery. Using the "Easy Resurrection" method I was able to bring back a battery from the grave to a usable state. Battery read .01 before Resurrection, and after treatment and charging it had a reading of 15.46 ------ Pretty darn impressive I would say.
Richard, I used... At any rate battery works GREAT!!!!! I also did some 7.5v batteries it is really nice to have the batteries work like they should. Cannot thank you enough, David
I must admit, I was skeptical before I tried it. I have recycled many drill batteries and other rechargeable batteries. I wish I had known about this process. I did three batteries right away and they all seemed to work. One battery that I could not take apart, did not come up to the proper voltage, but it did improve a little. Thank you.
Dear rickcad,
Hi : I wish to thank you for the great job that your system did on my dead batteries. Larry
Wow - This really worked. Started off with a 12v worked great did a second then 3 - 18v then pulled an old 6v and 7.2v drill from the back of a locker. I guess I've saved at least $150 in replacement batteries as well as getting back tools that no longer functioned (good thing I'm a pack rat!!). I can't thank you enough
Rick, Thanks for the great deal. 22 years in the mechanical/electrical field in the Navy, and I have never seen this trick before, when following your instructions to the letter everything went exactly as described. One bad cell, resurrected, recharged and couldn't stop the drill chuck with my hand! What a great way to save some real money and not have to buy new batteries. Please keep me informed of any new additions to this procedure. Best regards, Marc
Hey Rick, I just tried the resurrection with a Black & Decker Versa Pak 3.6 volt. It was reading 2.49 VDC. I... and BAM I now have 3.96 VDC. After charging over night, there is so much torque I can barely slow it down. Can't wait to try it on a bigger array. Thanks, Doug J.
Just tried this yesterday for the first time on a 14.4 volt battery pack. I found two bad cells and... to bring them back to life. Thank You for the great info.
Dave V.
You are truly the man. I resurrected two old 14.4 craftsman batteries that I had given up on a year or so ago. I even had purchased a new drill to replace the old one I couldn't charge. The fact is I hated the new drill and was looking for batteries for the old one when I came across your ad. You have saved me some bucks because I was ready to purchase another drill to replace the old ones. Once again thanks a million, this is not a gimmick it truly works.
Thanks, Jeff M.
Rick ;
I bought and tried your battery restoration, it is truly amazing! It worked on our 24 volt craftsman battery at work and now i have complete confidence on trying on my own. Great job, well worth the money spent, keep the info coming! Thanks again, T.W.
Rick.. Following your instructions made the process quite simple and easy to restore my DeWALT battery. I wasn't looking forward to spending $40 or $50 for a new one. With the DeWALT battery it's a little....    Thanks again, well worth the money for the info.
Steve, Las Vegas, NV

Richard, The Battery Resurrection Procedure is awesome. My Dad has 4 of the B&D Versapak batteries that he uses with a drill. Two of them would not hold a charge. I followed the procedure checking the.....         I placed them on the charger for 30 mins and measured again 4.2 VDC. Charged them over night and let them rest all day. Next morning they were still holding their own.
I'm very pleased as this procedure saved probably 10-20 dollars to replace the batteries. Now, just have to try on my Dewalt 18V pack as recommended, and lantern battery and others!!
Thanks for the information. I would recommend this to anyone!!!
Regards, Dana. U. Burlington, IA

Wow, this works!! I have spent hundreds of $ on new batteries...the ones I recycled were probably repaired and resold!! Many thanks, I have left positive feedback. Doug
I'm working on my first battery and all seem to be going just as you said my battery had 4 bad cells thanks. When I get done with this one I'm going to try a 18 volt battery that I ran all the way down, and it would not charge back up maybe it will give new life to that battery.
Thanks William
From: honest-ebayer
I left you a positive feedback, Let me just say that you are the MAN!!! I noticed that one of the metal contacts that goes from one battery to another was broken, that's why the battery wasn't charging. I pulled out my soldering iron and reconnected the metal tab. I then put the battery in the charger and bang it started charging. Thanks for the great info
Dear rickcad,
I just tried this for the first time. I had 2 verapak that read zero (after charging) and one that read 1.24. All 3 are over 4 volts now! It took me less than 5 minutes (not including charge). Thanks. I have a lot more batteries I can't wait to check. I wish I could get back the ones I had thrown away. Thank You, maxrpm350
Thanks. It worked wonderful. I had one cell on a 14.4 battery that was shorted. After resurrection, the battery charged up. It still wasn't 100% so I tapped the trigger where it would run the battery dead and then it recharged up to almost new. Fritz S.
I was really skeptical about this really working, but figured it was worth a try. I followed your guide and brought my battery back to life! It has been 2 days now and it has power like it was new. Maybe I'll start a business buying old tools at garage sales, bringing them back to life and reselling them. Thanks!!! AL
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