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PRO version Compared to the STD version
The STD version Battery Resurrection® Guide™
  • Concise, easy to understand, simple to implement, and very little reading.
  • Includes Easy Resurrection™ and the 3 Step Process™.
  • Printed in full color and mailed by USPS first class mail - 2 pages.
  • Does NOT include help, tools, defective cell info, or cell replacement.

Only the Battery Resurrection® Guide™ PRO Version has this advanced info:

  • About 15 online pages - unlimited online access - user & password delivered by email. Can be printed with browser.
  • How to Use a Volt Meter To Find Polarity - You might need this for Resurrection.
  • Easy Resurrection™ and the 3 Step Process™(same for both versions) - Used Successfully by Thousands
    (read the testimonials) You'll get many pages of pictures and detailed explanations not available anywhere else to make it fun and easy to Resurrect your NiCad batteries. Save $$$ also!
  • Over 4 Years of Solutions Help Section - Get the help you need when you need it. Written in an easy to read and understand Q&A format. Answers to problems collected over a 4 year period. sample
  • Pictures Throughout, so You Can See How It's Done - these large, clear pictures are only available in this guide. Real live pictures of the process actually being done for each detailed step. sample
  • Special Sections for Tools Containing Internal Batteries - see how a battery operated screwdriver is opened and the batteries resurrected, as well as a B&D drill - pictures make it easy. sample
  • Info About Defective Cells - learn when a battery can't be saved. See a cutaway view of a defective cell and learn why it happens.
  • A Cell Replacement Guide - Learn how to get replacement cells for FREE. Pictures show you the correct way to replace cells in a battery, so they are not damaged. Links to where you can buy new cells, and all with easy to follow real life step by step pictures. sample
  • Where To Get Security Screw Tools - some batteries have socket head screws, torqx screws, or security screws. Learn how to remove them without tools and where to buy these tools inexpensively if you want them.
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