PRO version Compared to the STD Online version
The STD Online Version Battery Resurrection® Guide™
  • Fix All NiCD NiCad Batteries.
  • Concise, easy to understand, simple to implement, and very little reading.
  • Includes Easy Resurrection™ and the 3 Step Process™.
  • Includes color pictures - 2 pages.
  • Link is emailed to you for quick unlimited access.
  • Includes a link to the "help guide". Easy to Print.

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Only the Battery Resurrection® Guide™ PRO Version has this advanced info:

  • About 15 online pages - unlimited online access - user & password delivered by email. Can be printed with browser.
  • How to Use a Volt Meter To Find Polarity - You might need this for Resurrection.
  • Easy Resurrection™ and the 3 Step Process™(same for both versions) - Used Successfully by Thousands. You'll get many pages of pictures and detailed explanations not available anywhere else to make it fun and easy to Resurrect your NiCad batteries. Save $$$ also!
  • Over 6 Years of Solutions "Help Section" - Get the help you need when you need it. Written in an easy to read and understand Q&A format. Answers to problems collected over a 6 year period. sample
  • Pictures Throughout, so You Can See How It's Done - these large, clear pictures are only available in this guide. Real live pictures of the process actually being done for each detailed step. sample
  • Special Sections for Tools Containing Internal Batteries - see how a battery operated screwdriver is opened and the batteries resurrected, as well as a B&D drill - pictures make it easy. Also included - fix vibrators, compressors, and garden lights. sample
  • Info About Defective Cells - learn when a battery can't be saved. See a cutaway view of a defective cell and learn why it happens.
  • A Cell Replacement Guide - Learn how to get replacement cells for FREE. Pictures show you the correct way to replace cells in a battery, so they are not damaged. Links to where you can buy new cells, and all with easy to follow real life step by step pictures. Also included - build a battery pack for a dustbuster. sample
  • Where To Get Security Screw Tools - some batteries have socket head screws, torqx screws, or security screws. Learn how to remove them without special tools and where to buy special tools inexpensively if you want them.

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